Volume 30 • 2018
Issue 1
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Editorial Board
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Letter from the President

Rafael Latorre

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Editorial Letter
Letter from the Editor
Phillip Adds
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Influence of the Temperature on the Viscosity of Different Types of Silicone
Monteiro, Y.;  Juvenato, L.;  Bittencourt, A.P.; Siqueira, B.;  Monteiro, F.;  Baptista C.A.;  Bittencourt, A. S.
Pages 10-15  
A Comparison of Different De-plastination Methodologies for Preparing Histological Sections of Material Plastinated with Biodur® S10 / S3

Ramos, M. L. ;  De Paula, T. A. R. ;  Zerlotini, M. F. ;  Silva, V. H. D.;  Carazo, L. B. ;  De Paula, M. F.;  Silva, F. F. R. ; Santana, M. L.;  Silva, L. C.;  Ferreira, L. B. C.

Pages 16-23  
Biomechanical Analysis of The Skin And Jejunum Of Dog Cadavers Subjected To A New Anatomical Preservation Technique For Surgical Teaching

Rocha T.A.S.S.;  Yanagihara G.R.;  Shimano A.C.;  Rolim G.S.;  Santos C.C.C.;  Fechis A.D.S.;  Oliveira F.S.

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Chen, J.R.;  Sui, H.J.

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General Issues of Safety in Plastination

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Schill V.K.

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Instructions for Authors