The Journal of Plastination

Starchikfigure 3jp32(2)2020
Epoxy plastinated ultrathin section of heart wall. Metal stent in place in right coronary artery.
Starchik, Shishkevich and Sora. J.Plast. 32 (2):30-35 2020
Parasagittal section of the orbit, stained with fresh Gomori's trichrome .
Adds at al. J.Plast 29 (1): 8-14 2017
Laguna2023FIG 1

Plastinated dog hearts transected along the left ventricular out flow tract.
GarcĂ­a et al. J. Plastination 23 (1) 2023

Figure 1c
Coronal head and neck sections Hoffen P45 Technique
Sui and Henry J.Plast. 27 (2):4-8 2015
Olivier2023Figure 5_scale

Digestive tract of the chicken: esophagus, crop, proventriculus, and gizzard labelled. Wilma Olivier and Philip Adds, J. Plastination 35 (1) 2023

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Volume 35 (1) 2023

Online ISSN: 2311-777X
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